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Product Details

Table Top Sticker Labeling Machine For Round Bottles

This table top sticker labelling machine is the most up to date model. It is highly suitable for labelling round bottles, as well as other shaped containers that have a packing size of approximately 5 ml to 1000 ml. .The most important element of this ultra-modern labelling machine is that the user does not have to change the parts, while changing the size of the label or the container .It is simply adjusted based on the dimensions of the products.

Applicable to Industries:

  •  Edible Oil Industries
  •  Paint Industries
  •  Varnish Industries
  •  Chemicals Industries
  •  Lubricant Industries
  •  Adhesive Industries
  •  Pharmaceuticals Industries
  •  Food & Ancillaries Industries
  •  Personal Care Industries
  •  Pesticides Industries
  •  Etc…
Technical Specification:
Number of Labelling Dispenser One Labelling Dispenser Head
Labels Requirement Self-Adhesive Sticker Labels in Roll Form having consistence 2- mm gaps between the 2 labels.
Rejection Ratio During Production 1%
Suitable for Products HDPE/PET/GLASS/TIN Bottles
Application Labelling on Round Surface
Label Roll Outer Diameter Maximum 305 mm/76 mm core id
Label Material Self-Adhesive Cromo Paper Labels/ Filmic Labels / Transparent Labels